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GRE cutoff for US Universities

September 7, 2007 by app2usadvisor  
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GRE General Test is one of many factors in admission and is definitely not the most important factor. If your undergraduate University is not very reputable and your own academic record is not stellar, then the importance of scoring well in GRE increases.

Most Universities do not have a GRE cutoff. But at the same time no University likes to admit students with very low GRE scores. We at app2us.com believe if you have a good profile otherwise, 1300 is a score with which you can be admitted to most of the good US Universities. If your target is a good Engineering program, GRE Quant should be minimum 750.

For getting into Universities ranked below 50, 1100 is a decent GRE score, if your academic record is good. Again, it is more important to have a higher quant score.

Some Universities post last years minimum or average GRE score in their FAQ pages. Be sure to read that before deciding on where you want to apply.

We do not recommend retaking GRE, but if you scored less than 650 in quant or 350 in verbal, you may think about studying more and retaking the GRE later.

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153 Responses to “GRE cutoff for US Universities”
  1. invkarthik says:

    my gre score is 1000,my quant score is 650,my verbal score is 350 and i want to do my MS in mechanical engineering can i get in a good university

  2. app2usadvisor says:

    Questione like yours belong to the forum at http://www.app2us.com
    The blog comments are for your feedback on the posts – whether you find these useful etc. To quickly answer your question, GRE scores are one of many aspects of your application. If other aspects are strong, you can get into good Universities.

  3. invkarthik says:

    can you kindly send me the possible list of the universities where i can get in.

  4. invkarthik says:

    this site is wonderful i think it gives the required information for the students

  5. vigneshr86 says:

    my gre score is 970,my quant score is 620,my verbal score is 350 and i want to do my MS in electrical engineering can i get in a good university

  6. app2usadvisor says:

    Kindly post your question on the forum at http://www.app2us.com under UNIVERSITY SELECTION.

    These comments are blog specific – whether you like or dislike the post and how can we improve it.

  7. popye322 says:

    have a score of 1490 (800 Quant+690) wat r my chances in top 15?

  8. app2usadvisor says:

    Your GRE score is excellent, and I would say that you have a great chance at Top 15. But the decision depends on other factors like your academic record and quality of undergrad University. If you want a complete FREE guidance, kindly post your question on the forum at http://www.app2us.com under UNIVERSITY SELECTION.

  9. abhi_kaul says:

    Respected Sir/Ma`m,
    I got GRE 1370 V-670 Q-700… Can i get into top 30??
    Will my less score in Quant create a problem or will my gud verbal score compensate for i as my overall score is fine… I hope the universities look at the total score… Ur words of advice would be very grateful.

  10. app2usadvisor says:

    GRE is one of many aspect, you still have hope in 20-30 range. For detailed guidance use the forum at http://www.app2us.com

  11. nikhil sharma says:

    Hi there,
    I am nikhil sharma.
    I’ve taken my GRE and my score is 1090 …. maths .. 710
    and verbal .. 380 ….
    can u suggest me that how r these universities for me ?? .. I am lookin for MS in wireless telecommunications. Jan 09
    [*]california state uni, sacremento
    [*]california state uni, fresno
    [*]san diego state uni
    [*]new jersy inst of tech.
    [*]uni of illinios, chicago
    [*]uni of texas, dallas
    [*]mussori inst of tech and science
    [*]san jose` state uni.

    my resume..

    degree aggregate is 72% .. B.tech in ECE …

    uni level gold n silver medal in quiz.
    national level gold medal in painting.

  12. Ami says:

    hi, this is ami. i ve got GRE score 1010. Q610 & V400. i would like to get human genetics course. can u shortlist the universities where i can apply or i should retake the test. My CGPA is around 9.3. am doing final yr B.tech biotechnology. kindly reply to my mail ami.mehta7@gmail.com. thank u

  13. app2usadvisor says:

    Nikhil and Ami,
    This place is for comments to let us know whether you like the article or not. For personalized guidance post the same question at our forum at http://www.app2us.com

  14. mohit says:

    how much i should score in gre to get admission in top 20 university in usa in M.S. in mechanical

  15. mohit says:

    how much i should score in gre to get admission in M.S. in mechanical in top 20 universities in america

  16. app2usadvisor says:

    Depends on other aspects, please ask your question on the forum at http://www.app2us.com.
    You should target 780 quant and 550 verbal.

  17. mohit says:

    how much i should score in gre to get admission in M.S. in mechanical in top 20 universities in america and what is the meaning of good academic record

  18. Praneet says:

    My aggregate is 62% (till sem 6)..
    What are the chances of getting admission in a good university for computer science (prefered with funding or assistanship)??…
    Also I have done training with a software company for 1 month during my vacations.. Does that count???…
    I have not yet given my GRE..
    Could u pls tell me how exactly do universities evaluate a student for admission??..

  19. app2usadvisor says:

    Like other students who posted their detailed questions here, you are advised to kindly ask your question at http://www.app2us.com – forums.
    Our panel of experts will reply soon.

  20. abhishek says:

    how much should i scored in gre to get admission in m.s in civil engineering? plz list some best universities who offers this coarse.

  21. Apurba Paul says:

    It seems promissive to me that you could help me with the followings..

    I got 1040 [Q-730, V-310] in GRE.
    I am expecting 85-90 in TOEFL. Whis is going to be published on 22-th August -2008.

    Edu records..
    S.S.C [School-10th]-82%
    College [12th]-72%
    Eng. of CSE-58.8%

    Educational Medium was in Engilsh.
    I have been working as Analyest Programmer for last 3 yrs.

    Do you think it would be possible for me to get admission on MSC program in a middle type university in USA?

  22. app2usadvisor says:

    Yes, it is possible. Specific questions belong to the forum at http://www.app2us.com
    In USA, the master’s degree is M.S. not MSC.

  23. ishan says:

    my agreegate as an ec engineer till 6th sem is 62%. i m going to give gre within a week. while practising i m able to score 700 in quant and 300 in verbal but still i m trying hard to score better. Is it possible to get admission below 50 ranked university.
    my ssc-84%
    i was a player of our college cricket team.

  24. Alex says:

    Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

  25. app2usadvisor says:


    It is possible but less likely unless you score 780 in Q and 400 in V.
    Feel free to ask detailed questions at app2us.com forums

  26. Utsav says:

    I want to know that what Cummulative GPA is required for Top Universities of USA.

    Does Cummulative GPA is responsible for selection in top university. Or a Good GRE score is sufficient.

  27. app2usadvisor says:

    GPA, GRE scores, and other factors like Recommendation, SOP are all important, no one factor is most important. For top Univs you need everything of high order. You are welcome to ask further questions at http://www.app2us.com

  28. hallows says:

    Tis site seems gr8..have even checked th appus form site..itz really helpful. thankz for guidance..

  29. Arnold says:

    Interesting. Added message about you on my site

  30. Shraddha Nadkarni says:

    My GRE score is 1320 (Q-790 V-530). I am yet to receive the AWA score. I have not given my TOEFL yet. I have a bachelor of architecture degree with 62%. My S.S.C. percentage is 88 and H.S.C. is 84%. (PCM-94%). I want to pursue Master of Urban Design. With these scores can I get an admission to top 20 univ. in US?

  31. Amazed says:

    I must say that I am amazed by the patience displayed by app2advisor. In my opinion, the people asking individualized questions after the initial person was advised to ask these questions elsewhere, have little chance of succeeding in life much less getting into a top tier school. Thank you for your free service and superhuman patience.

  32. tejas says:

    hi, i scored 1180 in gre, q- 650 and verbal – 530 , should i tale the gre again or just leave it.

  33. tejas says:

    hi, i scored 1180 in gre, q- 650 and verbal – 530 , should i take the gre again.

  34. bharat says:

    i liked the way u reply to all ur friends/students u think …..
    reading the comments i understand that this the best place to know completely about gre
    so please can u give me the info what all is required including a good score in gre to get into ms in IT in usa for the top 15 colls can u mail me the cut off’s of the top universities ……………plzzzzzzzzz

  35. arcane says:

    my gre score is 1180 (v- 530, q – 650) , should i give the gre again ?

  36. Zorro says:

    I totally agree with the comment above. Great work Mr. Advisor!

  37. viswesh1990 says:

    my gre score is 1420 ..my cumulative gpa in coll 7 out of 10 ..my 10 class score 98%and hsc score 95%..will i b able to get mba in top 15 univ in us or any gud engineering prog in top 10 univ ..is work exp necessary for mba ?kindly answer all the ques

  38. app2usadvisor says:

    GMAT is prefered for MBA.
    Feel free to ask detailed questions at app2us.com forums

  39. ugraman says:

    my gre score is 910 and i got 660 in quant and 250 in verbal .i want to study ms in physics this score is enough in order to get an admission ,if possible give me the details about it

  40. ankurjain says:

    what will be the probable deadline i can choose for GRE 2010 to appear in the exam

  41. app2usadvisor says:

    If you need guidance, please ask on th eforums of app2us.com
    These comments are for your feedback on above post only.
    -app2us advisor

  42. vibhutigupta says:

    hi, my academics are 64% aggregate and having a backlock, not a good academic profile, what should be my gre score to get admitted in good univ.

  43. nikhil pawar says:

    Hi , my academics are 64 % in BE ( Mechanical Engineering )
    My GRE Score is 1330 . Quant-Verbal 760-570 Split.
    I also have 1 year experience working in Mercedes Benz .
    I want do my Masters in Automobile Engineering or Industrial Engineering.
    Can u suggest me the kinda colleges i shud apply for getting financial aid and/or decent scholarship??

  44. If you need guidance, please ask on the forums of app2us.com
    These comments are for your feedback on above post only. (Whether you like/dislike the post, and whether this was hekpful)
    -app2us advisor

  45. arjunbatta says:

    pls tell me i am appearing for GRE in dec end ….am i late for univ deadline …will i be alble to study MS in fall 2010

  46. stratergyindian says:

    hey!!!i have a 70% average in the first two sems of my engineering course .what is tha approximate percentage that one must get to have safe GPA for Wharton school of business (Upenn)?

  47. kahlonsaab says:

    10th 79
    12th 72
    btech 65 upto 6th sem
    i m doing btech in chemical and bio engineering from NIT j
    im confident of score of 1500 in gre
    no work experience
    no papers published

    query- Can i will be able to apply in top 15 universities

  48. Please ask on the forums.

  49. truegalie says:

    pls forward me ur mail id to wic i can write back…
    my id- usatms.gre@gmail.com
    i ve many queries sir…but i’m not able to send a mail to the above mentioned forum.
    pls make it asap.

  50. sirsa.chandraa says:

    I have scored 640 in Verbal and 750 in Quants adding up to a total of 1390. Planning to do MS or Ph.D in Computer Science from a good university. Can you suggest a good US university apt for my score?


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