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Days between visa and flying – make those count

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What do most incoming students do after getting the visa? They celebrate, they book tickets, do shopping and packing. And they day dream about the bright future that lies ahead. As the readers of app2us.com you should definitely do all that. But you can do much more that will [...]

Getting a State Identification Card at the Driving Licence Office

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Since most people understand what is a driver / driving license, let us begin by explaining what is a state issued ID card. In almost all states of the US, the same office that issues driving license, issues an identification card, which contains the holder’s photograph and is valid [...]

How to book the air ticket to the USA

July 14, 2008 by app2usadvisor  
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After getting the student visa, the most important task is to book an air ticket. Wherever you are, you will have plenty of choices on which airlines to fly.

Before we discuss the airlines, it is important to note for the first time fliers, that there are huge and illogical price variations [...]