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Study in USA and experience the culture

October 24, 2007 by app2usadvisor  
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Students go to US Universities for different reasons. Good Education, opportunities, dollar dreams are few of the common reasons. However, experiencing the diverse culture of US is one of the best opportunities one must utilize.

International students often neglect the opportunity and tend to spend all their time not only with people from same country but even within sub cultures from within a country. The other day someone posted a question on our forum about which University has good number of students speaking a particular Indian regional language!

There is no fun in traveling half the world if you still with people from your own village!! While it is really important for a Korean to find a supportive group of Korean students and for a Turkish student to be able find a Turkish roommate, all students should make a conscious effort to make friendships across cultural boundaries.

When students are asked to form groups for academic projects, it is a good idea to make diverse group. You learn the work ethics and styles of people from different backgrounds which will help in your future career.

Have fun and use your time well while on the campus of a US University!

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