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Biking in the USA

January 25, 2008 by app2usadvisor  
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This post is about the bicycle which is referred to as ‘bike’ in the USA.

After you land in USA and settle down in your apartment, one of the first things to buy is a bike. You may buy a new bike in less than $ 100 at a Wal-Mart or Target store. Do not go to shops that sell only bikes those are very expensive.

You may also buy used bikes for $10 or $20 but remember that repairs can be very expensive – many times more than the cost of a new bike. So investing in a new bike is a good idea. You must buy three accessories with your bike – A helmet, a set of front and rear lights and a lock.

The helmet will save you from serious head injury, the light will save you from a serious traffic violation ticket (fine) and the lock will obviously save your bike from being stolen.

It is mandatory in most states to have the lights on after sunset. All traffic rules apply to the bikes. A cyclist must stop at all STOP signs. Fines may range from 50 to 300 dollars.

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