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One page resume for US University Applications

January 9, 2008 by app2usadvisor  
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Even if not mentioned in the application requirements, it is a good idea to include a resume. The resume must be limited to one page, no matter how many achievements you have.

Here are some guidelines to improve your resume.

  • Your name, email ID and phone number must be included at the top
  • You should use simple and legible font, preferably size 11 or more. The contents should not look too crowded
  • Avoid your country specific acronyms (read more here)
  • List your achievements in reverse chronological order
  • Avoid any achievement earlier than grade 10th, but focus mainly on your accomplishments while in college
  • Divide the resume in different sections and have headings for each section
  • Check your spellings
  • Include a printout in black ink with your offline materials like the transcripts. Some online applications also allow you to upload extra documents

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