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Architecture Portfolio for US Universities

July 24, 2007 by app2usadvisor  
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A portfolio of architectural coursework and other creative projects is required for M. Arch. Admissions. The portfolio should include creative work which may include coursework, and from other projects. A typical portfolio of creative work includes twenty-twentyfive images of architectural design work and art. There is a trend of submitting URLs of web based portfolios.
A portfolio may include papers, photographs, slides or CD-ROM. Students should continually compile their best coursework so that there is no last minute rush to somehow make the portfolio.
You should only submit your own work in a portfolio. In case of group assignments, it should be indicated that the project was not entirely yours. If you are planning to submit a CD or DVD, make sure your files do not contain any virus. Write your name on each page of your portfolio.

Requirements for the portfolio may vary and be sure to check the websites of the Architecture departments. For more information about Applying to US Universities, please visit

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